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Uncovering the Puffy Goodness of the YSL Loulou Puffer

Uncovering the Puffy Goodness of the YSL Loulou Puffer


* this review covers the small size

First Look (for more images: click here)

The Loulou Puffer is an excellent creation from Saint Laurent. The pillowy soft quilted lambskin is sturdy yet comforting to touch. Of course, the metal YSL initial adds a signature feel to this piece. The chain is able to be doubled, making this suitable for both crossbody and shoulder carry.

Leather Close Up


Peep that gorgeous leather grain and lovely stitching! Beautiful squishy texture overall.

Fun Fact


The leather handles will gradually over time take the shape of your shoulder. When carrying the bag, the handles will evolve to rest more and more comfortably! The bag basically grows with you :) 

What It Fits


The size of this chic piece is 29x17x11cm. This girl fits tons yet isn't bulky! There's a central compartment and zipper pocket. A phone, wallet, card case, tissue packet, small umbrella, power bank and water bottle can all comfortably go in. 

Styling Examples When Worn (credit to the relevant google images)

Final Thoughts

This bag might be perfect for you if love a stylish compact piece in black and gold hardware and made of a squishy yet sturdy leather that will hold its shape over time. A work or casual bag, it's up to you! Shop this lovely here :)